The Shark eats the Kook

6 09 2010

“Surfer Statue Stokes Gnarly Controversy in California” this according to the Wall St Journal… Who would have thought a scrappy little piece of bronze bearing the likeness of a novice surfer atop a cresting breaker would garner this much attention. The “Cardiff Kook” came upon the city of Encinitas only to be scrutinized by the very culture it was supposed to represent… imagine that… As a result, the cardiff kook has been dressed up and adorned with a variety of satirical costumes from local guerilla artists and creatives in their efforts to make light of the situation. Professor Knestor Jackdaws offers his synopsis and critique for those of you so inclined…

the shark eats the kook

big news... small town

public discourse

surf like a kook and get no luv...




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