Patagonia Cardiff Board Swap

26 04 2012

Patagonia Cardiff is hosting a board swap on Saturday, May 5th, at 9 am. It’s open to the public and features some great deals on used surfboards. Sellers, contact the store to sign up. Buyers or browsers, just show up with your wallets! I provided the image for this promo and am always stoked to be involved with the community and a company like Patagonia.

Sacred Craft Santa Cruz

6 04 2011

“More than anything, Sacred Craft is a celebration of the surfboard – the philosophical icon of enduring youth. No other object stirs as much passion, as much stoke, and as much power”. The spring show held in Santa Cruz did not disappoint. Surfers packed the Rittenhouse Building in downtown Santa Cruz on a rainy weekend and feasted on freshly shaped surfboards, contemporary and retro models,  live shaping demos, surf art, and a chance to rub elbows with friends and legends. Local shaper Doug Haut was featured in the tribute to the masters shape-off competition. Local Ward Coffey took top honors over Wayne Rich, Steve Coletta, Mark Angell and Bob Pearson replicating Doug’s classic “bump” model.

The Rittenhouse Building in Downtown Santa Cruz

Mark Angell planning a Doug Haut replica board


no shoes in this shaping bay

beautiful craftsmanship

art by John Holm

Doug Haut Classics

Iconic Santa Cruz local, "Stretch" Riedel

fresh Bings

shaping bay decal

Stoked and Broke Premieres at La Paloma Theater

16 09 2010

Cyrus Sutton’s latest film, Stoked and Broke, premiered last week to two sold out shows at the La Paloma Theater in Encinitas California! The film follows Cyrus, of Korduroy TV, and Ryan Burch as they travel on a 30 mile journey down the coast of San Diego in search of the ultimate surf “staycation” on zero dollars. The film opens with a short  from Richard Kenvin’s Hydrodynamica, a treatise on surfriding craft design, and the shredtacular Tarp Pits, by Cyrus Sutton,  where landlocked skaters get totally tubed! The legendary author, artist, and board culture guru C R Stecyk III even came out for  the show! Yea, good old Encinitas and La Paloma… the best place ever to see a surf movie! Congrats to Cyrus and Ryan for a great film and sharing the stoke!

cyrus and crew

C R Stecyk III

The Shark eats the Kook

6 09 2010

“Surfer Statue Stokes Gnarly Controversy in California” this according to the Wall St Journal… Who would have thought a scrappy little piece of bronze bearing the likeness of a novice surfer atop a cresting breaker would garner this much attention. The “Cardiff Kook” came upon the city of Encinitas only to be scrutinized by the very culture it was supposed to represent… imagine that… As a result, the cardiff kook has been dressed up and adorned with a variety of satirical costumes from local guerilla artists and creatives in their efforts to make light of the situation. Professor Knestor Jackdaws offers his synopsis and critique for those of you so inclined…

the shark eats the kook

big news... small town

public discourse

surf like a kook and get no luv...

Green Flash Art Show and gallery space

13 07 2010

Based on the success of the Blue Realm art show in May of this year, it seemed like a good idea to follow this gallery space idea a little further and see what happens! Kris De Grazio and Ash Francomb have stepped up and now manage Green Flash, which is located at 111 Chesterfield Ave in Cardiff. Across the street from Patagonia, the space features ocean inspired art along with beautiful views of the Pacific Ocean. It’s a perfect setting to relax and be inspired.

The current show closes on Wednesday, but Saturday night features La Sirena, an all women’s show, which is going to be great. Sponsored by Roxy, there is enough talent in this group of women to do a different show every week, all summer! Worth a mention, there will be a special collaboration between artist Susan Wickstand and photographer Jeff Divine, in honor of the legendary Rell Sunn, the Queen of Makaha. Come share the aloha!

Great show and stoked to be a part of it!

Opening night, Saturday, July 17th!

gallery hours and available by appointment

Blue Realm Art Show

5 06 2010

Here’s a few from the Blue Realm Art Show held in Cardiff by the Sea on Saturday, May 15th. The group show featured the work of five local artists inspired by the Ocean. The show opened to a packed house on Saturday night and was a huge success! San Diego Coastkeeper was the charity and sponsors included Primo Beer, CK Mondavi Winery, Yapo’s Home Catering, and Adrianne Smith Floral Designs. The Artists on display included Ash Francomb, Kris DeGrazio, Kevin Roche, Skye Walker, and Susan Wickstrand.

Blue Realm Art Show, Cardiff by the Sea

West wall, salon style

the show featured mixed media, photography, and oil paintings

woodblock by Ash Francomb

l-r works by Kevin Roche, Skye Walker, and Susan Wickstrand

the crew l-r Skye Walker, Ash Francomb, Susan Wickstrand, Kris De Grazio, and Kevin Roche

Sacred Craft Surfboard Show Ventura, California 2010

21 04 2010

A little photo essay from the Sacred Craft Surfboard Expo in Ventura, California honoring master surfboard shaper Renny Yater. In attendance were such legends as Gerry Lopez, Shaun Tomson, Jeff Ho, John Peck, Jeff Clark and many more. Scott Bass and crew produced a great show and it was a perfect weekend full of surfboards and surf culture! A special congrats to Wayne Rich for winning the shape-off and taking top honors!

Ventura Fairgrounds April 2010

Renny Yater master craftsman

Rincon Designs shaper Matt Moore

around the show

Mr Pipeline... Gerry Lopez

30 years of boards at rincon

Shaun Tomson, former world champ and one of his models from the 1980's

matt moore

William "Stretch" Riedel

Renny and John with photos of them both surfing Rincon in the background... rad!

the enigmatic John Peck

Michel Junod working his blank

portraits from clockwise: Michel Junod, Jeff Clark, Sam George, Jeff Ho

duck tape...

Renny choosing the winner...

Congrats Wayne!

eye phone redux

15 03 2010

On the road in Phoenix, Arizona for spring training with Major League Baseball. We’re shooting 3D headscans using the latest technology from Sony. In between shoots, here’s a few I grabbed with my iphone… yup, da eye phone! Take that Chase Jarvis!

can i haz access


if you build it...

yup... balls...

the real story... the fans

behind the scenes

watch out while yr scarfing down that hotdog and coke

see ya Phoenix

The Drifter screening at Patagonia Cardiff

25 11 2009

Patagonia Cardiff hosted a packed house for the screening of Rob Machado’s new movie, The Drifter. Directed by Taylor Steele, the movie follows Rob on a personal journey through Indonesia where he finds world class surf. Rob also played a few sets with Jon Swift and signed a few autographs.  Nixon watches and a Wegener alaia surfboard were given away to a few lucky fans. As for the groms, well… they’re just plain stoked! Thanks to Devon Howard and the crew at Patagonia Cardiff for a great event!

Good old intersection of Chesterfield and San Elijo Ave

fin sculpture

what is your story...

directed by Taylor Steele

dinner and a show


it's really all about the groms

air machado

jon swift

rock star

surf star

ahh surfboards...

Rob Machado, as the Drifter...

The illustrious Ian O was on hand with his crew filming with the latest DSLR technology from Canon… Check out the clip here on vimeo…

Sacred Craft Surfboard Expo

13 10 2009

This weekend was the Sacred Craft surfboard Expo at the Del Mar Fairgrounds. The show was all about the surfboard and Dick Brewer, who is considered by many to be one of the most influential surfboard shapers of all time. Pat Rawson took the win in the Shape Off Challenge, beating out four other master shapers who also attempted to replicate one of Brewer’s boards circa 1972-73. Thanks to Scott Bass for producing a great show. A whole lot of stoke going on!

Dick Brewer and Pat Rawson

Dick Brewer and Pat Rawson

Mike Hynson

Mike Hynson

Robert August

Robert August


the guru


Dick's original shape

surf history

surf history



gloss coats

gloss coats

Bill Stewart

Bill Stewart

Jeff Clark

Jeff Clark


Reno Abellira