Come Hell or High Water – Screening at the Surfing Heritage Foundation

26 10 2011

Keith Malloy  screened his bodysurfing masterpiece, Come Hell or High Water,  last October at the Surfing Heritage Foundation in San Clemente, California. The film is a series of wave riding vignettes filmed in California, Hawaii, Tahiti and beyond. With this film, Keith proves that bodysurfing, and riding waves without a traditional surfboard, is a moving and poignant experience. The screening also featured an exhibit of artwork created on Enjoy Handplanes. I set up a virtual studio and grabbed a quick portrait of Keith.

Susan Wickstrand and Jeff Divine Collaboration

16 07 2010

Here’s a sneak peek into the collaboration between artist Susan Wickstrand and photographer Jeff Divine in homage to the late Rell Sunn. Similar to her previous work with Art Brewer, Susan assembled Jeff’s images into a beautifully layered collages while simultaneously weaving a subtle, yet complex, narrative. The focus of this collaboration honors Rell and her legacy to both Hawaii and her lasting contribution to the sport of surfing. Said by many to embody the spirit of aloha, I am truly honored to be a part of it all… Mahalo!

Thanks to Jeff and the Surfer's Journal for all the aloha!

Jeff holds "A Queen and a King"

Jeff and Susan "talk story"

signed on verso by the artists

Jeff "initialing" one of the works which features a shot of him from the 70's...

Susan and Jeff with Rell's homebreak, Makaha, pictured on the wall behind them...