Susan Wickstrand and Jeff Divine Collaboration

16 07 2010

Here’s a sneak peek into the collaboration between artist Susan Wickstrand and photographer Jeff Divine in homage to the late Rell Sunn. Similar to her previous work with Art Brewer, Susan assembled Jeff’s images into a beautifully layered collages while simultaneously weaving a subtle, yet complex, narrative. The focus of this collaboration honors Rell and her legacy to both Hawaii and her lasting contribution to the sport of surfing. Said by many to embody the spirit of aloha, I am truly honored to be a part of it all… Mahalo!

Thanks to Jeff and the Surfer's Journal for all the aloha!

Jeff holds "A Queen and a King"

Jeff and Susan "talk story"

signed on verso by the artists

Jeff "initialing" one of the works which features a shot of him from the 70's...

Susan and Jeff with Rell's homebreak, Makaha, pictured on the wall behind them...


Artist Susan Wickstrand and Art Brewer collaboration

8 06 2010

Documenting a few moments with artist Susan Wickstrand and legendary photographer Art Brewer. For their collaborative project, Art provided the primary images which Susan then collages with additional images, layers of paint, and finally an encaustic wax treatment. Featured subjects include Indonesia, Hawaii, and surfers such as Gerry Lopez and Dave Rastovich. The images, although iconic in and of themselves, are transformed as the pieces become complex visual narratives. These shots were taken in Art’s studio as he and Susan both “initial” each piece with their thumbprint and signature on verso.

Art initials "Pipe Dreams" featuring his photo of Gerry Lopez

Art's "initials"

signed verso

Susan and Art... stoked!

two thumbs up

"Soliloquy , Rasta in Indo" finished piece © Susan Wickstrand, Rasta and shadow puppets photo © Art Brewer

"Hynson in Hollister" © Susan Wickstrand... dragonfly and photograph of Ron Stoner image hanging in frame © Art Brewer